Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors


SINGLE SKIN FIRE SHUTTERS     (FTO1 1 Hour protection, FTO2 2 Hour protection and FTO4 4 Hour protection

The most cost effective fire shutter solution, in the event of a fire alarm, the shutter can automatically descend by operation of the motor with the use of one of our fire interfaces. Various type of interface are available. 

we can provide the defense you need for your property. Integration into existing fire protections systems is available.


Unlike single skin fire shutters, this model provides extra radiant heat protection and enhanced fire protection and containment. the radiant heat levels around the roller shutter door drop from 65kw sq metre to  2.7 kw sq metre. Also offers 20 decibel sound reduction.

When a fire alarm condition occurs the fire shutter will descend motor driven or the motor brake releases and the shutter closes by it's own weight.  The shutter can be opened and closed normally on the fire alarm reset.

Constructed from steel sections of 76mm cold rolled 20 gauge galvanised steel. The shutter provides a
defence against the spread of fire and can be used as a security door on a day to day basis.


The system can be linked to an audio / visual fire alarm unit (pictured on the right) to ensure automatic closing in case of fire detection
with battery backup in the event of power failure.