High Speed, Fast Acting and Roll Up Doors
High speed and high-performance doors are at their best during intense operation and demanding conditions. Fast-acting fabric doors can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in areas where doors open and close frequently i.e factories, warehouses, production sites, cold stores, cleanrooms and manufacturing facilities.

With an operating speed of one metre per second, these doors dramatically reduce temperature loss and potential draughts, improving energy efficiency. Providing a warmer and draught free factory, warehouse, store or commercial facility this also means a more comfortable, enjoyable and productive working environment. Their high speed capability means they can also provide easy access and egress to properties such as factories, warehouses or anywhere that may require a rapid exit in an emergency.

Whatever your requirements, R&I Security will have the right high speed door for you. Available in 2 colours, our high speed doors are incredibly effective, durable and functional.


Doors Installed in food processing areas are designed for applications with hygiene in mind. A combination of high-speed operation and perfect sealing protects against drafts and humidity and helps keep out any potential contaminants.  The doors require little space and may be equipped with windows or vision panels to increase natural lighting and visibility.

Cleanroom doors require an almost airtight seal, to minimize pressure drop and protect your environment against drafts, humidity, dirt and dust. These airtight doors comply with cleanroom standards.  They are ideal for cleanroom applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

Fast opening- and closing-speed helps control air exchange and reduces contaminants.

Our High speed doors come with safety systems pre-installed, safety photo electric cells and a bottom safety edge protection reversing a closing door on impact.

High speed door repairs:
In addition to our Industrial door repair service, we also provide ongoing support including planned maintenace contracts and a Industrial door repair service. We can tailor fit a contract to your needs, or just pick up the phone if a repair is required and one of our dedicated engineers will visit your property and carry out any necessary repairs ensuring your business disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.