Loading Bay Equipment And Ancilliaries

      We aim to provide the ideal solutions to suit any business’s loading bay needs. Our range of products include:

  • Dock Levellers - We offer a variety of different dock levellers to suit customer requirements, manually or electically operated, including swing lip dock levellers and telescopic lip dock levellers.

  • Dock Shelters & Dock Seals - Dock shelters and seals are designed to minimize the amount of heat loss from a building during the loading and unloading process, helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

  • Load Houses - Load houses are standalone structures that are manufactured from galvanised steel or painted steel with 40mm polyurethane insulated panel to prevent heat loss.  They are installed to the exterior of a building to help provide a more efficient loading space, reduce accidents and save energy.

  • Loading Dock Scissor Lift Platforms - Loading dock scissor lifts provide a safe and hard-wearing loading solutions for single or double deck vehicles, ensuring easy access during loading and unloading.

  • Dock Buffers – Dock buffers are designed to protect the loading dock and the vehicle from damage, the buffer cushions the impact from the vehicle when the vehicle is docking.

  • Wheel Guides – Wheel guides are designed to minimize the risk of damage to the dock shelter and the client's building by guiding and aligning the vehicle as they reverse into a loading bay.

  • Visual and audible solutions are available for loading bays such as:  Traffic lights which provide the delivery driver with an indication that loading or unloading is in progress.  (red light loading in progress, green light loading completed).

  • Based in Central Scotland and covering Scotland as a whole, we can provide emergency breakdown coverage to repair all makes of dock levellers,  Industrial doors and loading bay equipment.
    We can offer a service contract tailored to suit your needs, to service and inspect loading bay equipment to help reduce break downs on dock levellers and loading bay doors.
    Should you not require a contract we can offer breakdown coverage and/or service of machines on a flexible Basis.
    Our engineers can give expert advice on your own personal requirements.