Shop front security shutter doors and window shutters

We have a range of security roller shutters suitable for different retail security and shop environments together with a higher security level for commercial, office and industrial roller shutter doors. These can be  solid shutters or punched or perforated slats creating a balance between security and visual appeal. Our roller shutter slats are either of 75mm or 41mm  galvanised steel or extruded and punched aluminium slat which provide extra strength whilst delivering 58% vision.

For steel shutters our standard slat colour is galvanised and for aluminium shutters the standard slat colours are brown or white, however both steel and aluminium can be powder coated in a variety of colour finishes as an optional extra.  The shutter box/canopy (where fitted) can be power coated to match the lath colour.

There are a choice of manually operated push up and pull down or an electrically operated shutter, with a vandal resistant external keyswitch or a standard internal rocker or keyswitch.

Spring Loaded shutters are used for manually operated doors for external operation these are useful for exit doors and counters. A lock will be incorporated into a slat to enhance security.
Motor & electric operation are considered a higher security option and can be used on larger or smaller installations. Motors are fitted inside the shutter axle and require a 5 amp fuse and 230V supply. Operation is  by a rocker, key switch as standard or remote control as an optional extra.  Other controls methods are available on request. In the event of a power supply failure a manual override is available to operate the shutter from inside. Where desirable a manual override can also be engaged through the outside of an externally fitted shutter box. Under these circumstances a lockable override cover is required as an optional extra to maximise security. Multi-shutter installations (2 or more shutters at the same location and all doors visible whilst operating) can be operated from a central location from 1 or more switches.  Extra safety devices can be supplied with any shutter! photo electric cells that prevent the door from closing if an object is in the door opening this provides extra safety when dealing with members of the public.