Vertical Steel Roller Shutter doors are an excellent way of securing an opening and can be installed in a variety of enviroments from warehouses, factories, workshops and more.

So why are they so popular? Well, they are ideal when headroom above the door opening is limited and  minimal side room is required for the side guides. They are cost effective when installing and when repairs are required  individual slats (laths) can be removed and replaced when necessary.

Manually operated steel Roller Shutters are counter balanced with helical springs housed within the steel roll chamber at the top and the use of these springs as a counter-balance allows the shutter to rest at any position in the door opening. Electrically operated shutters have a safety brake system! This has been developed to compliment counter-balanced shutters and provide extra safety on electrically operated shutters.

Our insulated roller shutter doors offer a high level of insulation, with the added benefits of draught prevention and sound reduction. There are many situations including loading bays, factories and warehouses where minimising heat loss is important and can save money.  Insulated shutters provide excellent and efficient insulation, our insulated roller shutters also deliver high levels of security, protecting your premises, stock and equipment.

Within domestic, commercial or industrial environments where reliability, strength and heat loss is important, then our shutters are ideal. Shutter laths are filled with an insulating material which is a highly efficient insulator and extremely lightweight, so doors are highly effective – with no compromise on reliability and efficiency. In addition each door has a rubber seal fitted along the base, ensuring maximum insulation,  sound reduction and draught exclusion.

All our Roller shutter doors, are available as both manual and electrically operated, electically operated doors can be suppied as push to run or impulse open and close with extra safety measures such as safety photocells as required. They are also available in most sizes and colour finishes.

Galvanised Steel and Insulated Roller Shutter Doors