Personnel And Fire Exit Doors
Our steel security doors are made to the highest quality guidelines and incorporate a multi-point locking system which locks at multi-points around the steel frame. Like all of our products our steel security doors come CE marked which is a legal requirement for any type of door sold in the UK/Europe. Our single doors are available in either a standard or heavy duty version. The difference between the two products is the thickness of steel that is used during construction of the door blade and steel frame. Our steel security doors are also available in a double locking version which are manufactured to the heavy duty specification.

Our double steel security doors comprise of the following features as standard:

  • Easy installation

  • Expandable frame covering 1780mm - 1840mm by 2075mm high

  • Complete with frame, stainless steel handles, hinges and lock

  • A kite marked security cylinder upgrade ia available to provide: anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-plug pull and anti-twist.

  • 2mm frame with 1mm leaf with inbuilt steel strengthening

  • Multi-point locking system

  • Anti-jemmy hinge bolts in each leaf

  • Anti-Jemmy lip round the frame

  • Active leaf on left or right, opening inwards or outwards

  • Comes with Shoot/Flush bolts on inactive leaf.


  • Our fire exit doors/emergency exit doors are manufactured to our heavy duty specification and are also available as single or double doors. The emergency exit/ fire exit doors do not include an access device as standard; they are “blank” and it is the panic bar which keeps the door locked shut. The access device can be added as an accessory to allow the building to be accessed externally.